Capture your thoughts

Just as a butterfly flits from flower to flower, so do your thoughts.

Capture them by journaling.

Capturing your thoughts, experiences, struggles, prayers, and words from God lets you get them out on paper … take a closer look at what’s happening in your mind and heart … and then listen as God speaks wisdom to your life.

“I can’t write … I don’t have time …”

You’re right, of course. It’s hard to write if you don’t’ know where to begin. And it’s next to impossible to find time to journal if there’s no point in it.

Or maybe you have tried journaling and got stuck. For instance, lots of us associate journaling with third grade … dread and drudgery clutching your heart while your fist clutches a pencil, scribbling down daily events in a notebook (for a grade, no less.)

Ugh. Banish the thought.

Journaling is Fun and Simple

Journaling4Faith is all about putting down your thoughts easily in a way that is an amazing benefit to you.

It’s a series of fun, targeted activities that take just a few minutes a day – and bring your experiences and thoughts into focus. What once seemed a pointless, rote exercise becomes powerful time well-spent.

Just like capturing a butterfly in your hands allows you to take a closer look at its details, journaling for faith helps you capture your thoughts, feelings, and ideas … take a closer look as you bring them to God … and then listen He shows you what to do next.