Journal Your Journey: Guest Post By Joyce Glass

We all have a journey we take in this life. There are ups and downs. There are lessons to be learned, and victories to be savored.

When my son was a baby, I encountered many life changes all at once. It was a little overwhelming to say the least. Before my son was born, I had been in college, working, married, and active in my church.  Life was full, busy, and good.

I had prayed to be a stay-at-home mom, but was not sure it was possible until after his birth. My husband started training for a new job two weeks before he was born. When he was a month old we were transferred to a new town. In a six month period, my husband started a new job, we had our first child, I quit working, sold our first house, bought a new house, and moved to a new town.

What Now?

After the dust settled from all the changes, I was left wondering what was I supposed to do with my life. I loved being a mom, and staying home with my son. I would not trade that privilege for anything, even though it was financially difficult.

I felt there was more God wanted me to do. I don’t know exactly how I started writing, but I began journaling my prayers to God. I was struggling with so much, and no one really to talk with to process my feelings. Between reading books and journaling I realized my love for writing. Writing became exciting for me and a way to express myself creatively.

As I grew closer to God, the more I wrote my prayers in a journal. I love watching how God moves in my life when I review my journals on occasion. Writing my prayers in a journal or now I type them helps me to stay focused while I spend time with God.

My heart has heard you say,

“Come and talk with me.” I

And my heart responds,

“Lord, I am coming.”

~ Psalm 27:8 ~

Have you tried to journal your prayers or problems?

Journal apps are great on tablets or on computers. I use one that allows me to use a password.

Three Reasons To Journal:

1) Prayers – Journal your faith walk with God. Writing or typing helps you stay focused as you spend time with Him. One thing I do when I feel God speaking to me I put brackets around what I hear Him speak to my heart. I love to reflect and see how God spoke to me during different times of my life.

2) Problems – Journal to pour out your heart.  Whenever I am hurting or need to sort out my jumbled thoughts, I journal my thoughts, my pain, and my anger. You may want to delete it if you fear someone seeing your private thoughts, or keep it in a password protected journal. It still helps to type or write out your feelings to help process them.

3) Praises  – Journal the highs as well as the lows in your life. Keep a record of how God moves in your life, your family, or your business. These are great to look at when you are struggling to remember how God moved before.

iNeed God ~ daily downloads for your heart Bible Study will be released in a few weeks. This study is a 90 day journey of drawing closer to God.  I encourage you to journal each day with questions to apply the study to your life. If you want to know more, please go to for more information.

Do you journal now?

Are you going to  journal?

Joyce Glass is a writer, speaker, and lover of God’s word even more than chocolate! Her desire is to encourage you to walk closer to God. Dig deeper in your faith. Pray in earnest daily for God to teach you His ways, and serve Him right where you live and work now. She blogs at Connect with Joyce on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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  1. Yes, I do journal my prayers sometime. I love the hand -brain connection. Thanks for sharing this. So nice to meet you. blessings, Amy

  2. I love journaling. It is a witness to my journey. It helps me set gratitude and intent and mindset. Keeps me spiritually connected and grounded in faith. Love this post! Love Joyce!

  3. I journal my life, sometimes my prayers, most times it’s my thoughts.

  4. I have not journaled lately. In the past I done so and looked back to see where my life has progressed since that point. Some good. Mostly, though, I think it can be good way to express yourself when you have thoughts you are not comfortable sharing with others yet.

  5. Thanks for the specific examples of how you journal. I do some of these already. I like the way you differentiate between yourself and God speaking.

  6. I just started journaling as a way to keep track of my relationship with God. The iNeed God Book sounds wonderful. Please let me know when it is released.

  7. Yes! I know that as I transitioned from working woman to stay-at-home mom I had a lot to process and had to learn how to be responsible without having a boss telling me what to do! =) I love looking back at those old journals and seeing where God has taken me!!

  8. After years of journaling prayers I can honestly say it is just a blessing to share with my children His answers and personal involvement in our lives.

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