Quick Journaling Course

A Quick Course in Journaling 4 Faith

“I don’t want to live in a hand-me-down world of others’ experiences,” said Helen Keller, who was both blind and deaf.  “I want to write about me, my discoveries, my fears, my feelings, about me.”

writing in journal

Image: Mom Steam Blog

Here is a quick course in journaling for faith — about writing about you , your discoveries, your fears, and your feeling. Use these steps to get started in your journaling journey.

  1.  Choose a notebook that feels right for you.  It can be as fancy or as simple as you like.
  2. Choose a pen or other writing instrument that flows well on the page.  Pens that leak or markers are sometimes more difficult to write with.
  3. Choose a quiet place to start your writing.  Turn off the TV, your cell phone and your computer and keep distractions at a minimum.
  4. Begin your writing time with a prayer.  Ask God to reveal to you what he wants you to know today.
  5. Remember to date your entry.
  6. Write for five minutes without stopping.
  7. Do not censor your writing.  This is not a school writing assignment.  It is between you and God only.
  8. When you’re finished writing, reread what you’ve written.
  9. Finish your writing time with some self-feedback.  Answer this question:  “When I read my entry it makes me think…”
  10. Find a safe, private place to keep your journal.  Your journal is for your eyes only.