Writing Prompts

A writing prompt is fun, targeted activity that helps capture thoughts, feelings, and ideas on paper.

These activities are called “prompts” because they prompt you, inspire you, encourage you, or urge you forward. They are appropriate for any life situation. You can use them during a struggle, challenge, victory, celebration – even during a desert experience or when you’re marking time in a period of status quo.

4 Great Reasons to Use Journaling Prompts

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1. Prompts jumpstart your journaling

It can be hard to start writing when you face with a blank page. A prompt gets your thoughts to flow. Once you begin writing, it is easy to complete a thought or story. You may also find that a prompts makes you forget about thinking and focus instead on answering the questions, thereby helping you to capture your thoughts.

2. Prompts yield truth

A journaling entry you write in response to a prompt may reveal hidden thoughts,  remove a layer of internal protection that had been a barrier to the truth, or give clarity to help you organize your thinking. Prompts also provide worthwhile material or a fresh perspective on an area of your life completely unrelated to your immediate issues.

3. Prompts build a habit of writing

Writing to a prompt regularly can act as an exercise routine, helping to stay spiritually fit and build up your self-examination muscles. The more you write in your journal, the easier it becomes to write.

4. Prompts become a vehicle for sharing.

Perhaps a family member, friend, or counselor asks a sensitive question or you face a difficult discussion. If you have processed the issue in a journaling prompt, you find it easier to share your thoughts in a healthy way.

Writing Prompts to Try

These prompts meet you where you are and help you capture your thoughts, no matter what your season of life or where you find yourself.

Writing Prompts: Facing Your Giants

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