Writing Prompts: Decisions

Week #1: One Little Decision Doesn’t Matter – Or Does It?

You may think some decisions you make don’t mean much. But when you look closely, you discover that every action – including every decision you make – reflects your love for God.

Obedience becomes your filter for making decisions that honor God. “Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me,” said Jesus (John 14:21).

Writing Prompt

How can you learn to examine your decisions in light of your love for God … and His love for you?

Week #2:  I’ve Got This Figured Out!

Have you ever been frustrated trying to decide what to do – yet not enough to ask for help? Decision-making can be overwhelming, especially when the outcome will affect your life and the lives of others. But pride subtly whispers, “You can figure this out on your own.”

The psalmist says, “…I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of Heaven and Earth” (Psalm 121:1-2)

Writing Prompt

Do you pray before making a decision? What might change if you asked God for specific guidance?


Week #3 The Perfect Decision

Perfectionism and fear can keep you stuck in the decision-making process. No one is perfect and no decision comes with a guarantee that the results will satisfy you … or even resemble what you expected.

Yet there is one perfect decision you can make: turning your decision-making over to God. Proverbs 3:6 reminds us, “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

Writing Prompt

Think of a decision you need to make. How can you turn the decision-making process over to God?


Week#4: Ready, Fire, Aim: Is That You? Consider Outcomes

Ready, fire, aim … or Ready, aim, fire. Which one is you? A decision can lead to a number of different outcomes, both good and not so good.

The Bible tell us that “The one who sows righteousness reaps a sure reward” (Proverbs 11:18b), but “Whoever sows injustice reaps calamity” (Proverbs 22:8a). In other words, decisions have consequences.

Writing Prompt

What decisions have you made that provided a “sure reward?” In which decisions were you met with “calamity?” How can you consider different outcomes more thoroughly in your decision-making process?