Writing Prompts: Facing Your Giants

cartoon of office worker superheroPart 1: What Are Your Giants?

The story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17) tells about an underdog who stood up in faith against a powerful, seemingly insurmountable giant.

So many of us have “giants” in our lives.  They come in many forms, like unhealthy relationships, sorrows, illnesses, job loss, inner wounds, and regrets.  Yet, just as David did, we can overcome them when we put all our trust in God.

Prompt: What are the “giants” in your world? List them. Describe one of your giants in detail.


Part 2: Ways to Defeat Your Giants

Israel identified the “giant” it battled: Goliath. They ran in fear. David faced the giant using his faith and the tools God gave him (1 Samuel 17).

Prompt: Now that you have identified the “giant” you battle, what are some ways God has equipped you to defeat it?


Part 3: Staring Down Your Giants

David faced the giant in his life, Goliath, when he took the tools God gave him and the proceeded. David did not look back. He pressed forward in faith (1 Samuel 17.)

Prompt: How are you moving forward to defeat the giant(s) in your life?


Part 4: How to Make Giants Flee

Once David stood his ground with Goliath, other giants fled – pursued by Israel (1 Samuel 17). The Israelites went on to inflict further destruction on the giants, all because David was willing to face Goliath in faith.

Prompt: How would your perspective change if you knew your giant(s) would flee in the face of confrontation?


Part 5: Celebrating Your Victory Over the Giant(s) in Your Life

David slayed Goliath, then stood over him in triumph and celebrated the victory (1 Samuel 17).

Prompt: Celebration is a part of our journey into wholeness. Journal about your success over your giant(s). To get started, complete this sentence:

When I look back at the giant(s) in my life, I can see that …